Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grading congratulations!

Just a quick post to say a big congratulations to everyone who graded last week.  Sensei Brian Toomey, 6th dan, taught a weekend course in the dojo over two days for us and graded many of our students after some tough but beneficial training.

While grading exams and gaining a new cotton belt every few months is not the goal of Karate, it does provide a good benchmark and goal for students to work towards.  Despite the fact that we prefer to take time to make sure our students are the best of their level around and thus only grade every 4 to 6 months as opposed to every 3 months on the dot as some clubs who aim to churn out substandard Karateka as quickly as possible to keep the money flowing do, it is nonetheless great for us to see the amount of progress some of our students are making on the grading front.   Several students who started training with us less than a year and a half ago are already on their 3rd belt - a quarter of the way to black!  A good start on a long journey which shows what we can achieve through attending tough and regular training two to three times a week.

A special congratulations however goes to one of our longest attending students, Martin Hughes.  Martin has been training with us solidly for many years now and last week he graded successfully for second brown.  This is a really big achievement and leaves only one belt to go before black.Martin has worked very hard with us over the last while, regularly attending special brown and black belt-only Sunday morning sessions.  All the hard work and sweat paid off, however and Martin did the dojo proud during his grading.  Nearly at the top of the ladder now Martin! :)

Well done once again everyone, remember - consistent effort over time equals success.