Monday, December 12, 2011

Well done everyone!

A huge congratulations to all who passed their grading on Friday last under Sensei Brian Toomey, 6th dan. With almost 50 students attending the pre-grading class and every one who underwent examination (about 25 students) passing, it was a very successful night for the club.

All members who tested on the day did the club proud and the whole event was representative of the quality of students we have training with us and the high standard the club has reached. All the students' hard work and preparation clearly held them in very good stead and everyone performed fantastically throughout their gradings - even those going for red belt, who were given a particularly tough time! :)

Senesei Toomey taught a tough two hour class before the grading which focused on the 3rd dan black belt kata "Sochin", a wonderful kata that all the junior grades can look forward to learning in the future and that the club instructors have to struggle with in the present! Many thanks to Sensei Toomey for the class and grading and to all those from the Galway club who attended the event.