Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuam Karate Club – Nidan Grading!!

Tuam karate club would like to congratulate Sensei Ben Kelly on achieving his 2nd Dan black belt last weekend at the Spring seminar in Cork. About 10 members of the dojo made the trip to Fermoy for the course, including two of our white belts, Barry and Daithí. Congratulations to them for doing the club proud. As usual it was a tough but very educational and fun weekend of training which was then followed by a very challenging grading examination. Ben has been training and teaching at Tuam karate club for many, many years now. His commitment to training and teaching and Karate in general is an inspiration to everyone in the club. It is also a great asset to the club to now have two 2nd dan black belts graded by one of the most well respected Karate masters in the world. I know Ben has a lot of exciting classes planned for everyone over the coming weeks which are certainly not to be missed!!

Well Done and congratulations from everyone at the Sho Bu Kan Dojo!

Ben during his kumite! - some more photos from the weekend have been uploaded to our Photo Gallery page as well.