Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training with Koike Sensei

Members of Tuam Karate Club attended a course with Koike Yutaka Sensei in Kilconly, Co. Galway on Sunday last. The course, which was hosted by FaolchĂș Martial Arts, was very enjoyable and educational. Koike Sensei, a 5th dan, gave excellent instruction on a great many aspects of Karate, from the importance of correct breathing and posture, to grabbing and pulling an attacker in to disable them – and even the use of partner massages to help relax the body for effective fighting! Throughout the class he emphasised the significance of having good kihon waza (fundamental techniques) and explained how senior grades can use the fundamentals to help build their own Karate. He also stressed the importance of always maintaining a good Karate Spirit. During the black and brown belt class he taught some excellent applications for the kata “Bassai Dai” (meaning “To storm a fortress”) and explained that the primary function of true Karate is practical self defence, not simply sporting competition. A very enjoyable course overall. Many thanks to FaolchĂș for the invite.